Interactively load (cloud) data sources using Invantive Data Loader

Easily exchange data with over 75 data sources using a graphical user interface.

Invantive Data Loader transports data between cloud applications, relational databases and files in one integrated solution. Invantive Data Loader scales from small to large enterprises through the solid foundation on Invantive SQL, including many complex data filters, bulk loaders and parallel execution using high-performance streaming of data.

  • ActiveCampaign Data Loader

    ActiveCampaign is cloud software to automate the marketing, sales and support process of prospects, leads and customers. ActiveCampaign includes email campaigns, sales management, website integration, chat and advanced automatic workflows.

    The ActiveCampaign Data Loader contains 66 tables.

  • AFAS Online Data Loader

    AFAS Online is online accounting, ERP and payrolling software for Dutch companies. AFAS Online has approximately 15.000 customers, including most of the top 30 accounting firms in the Netherlands. AFAS Online is the cloud version of the AFAS Profit business software. AFAS Online runs on a hosted Windows remote desktop session - similar to AFAS Profit - providing easy access to large volumes of business data. AFAS can manage hundreds of companies per environment.

    Tables available with the AFAS Online Data Loader.

  • Autotask Data Loader

    Autotask is cloud software for IT business management. Autotask covers traditional ITIL processes as well as more recently introduced methods.

    The Autotask Data Loader contains 3.396 tables.

  • Chargebee Data Loader

    Chargebee is subscription billing software in the cloud for SAAS providers. It covers billing, subscription management and auto invoicing. Chargebee is used by over 2000 SaaS companies.

    The Chargebee Data Loader contains 75 tables.

  • CIR Data Loader

    Centraal Insolventieregister ("CIR") is an extensive Dutch online register containing all companies that went bankrupt or have filed for chapter 11, plus all persons with debt restructuring.

  • Comma-separated Values Data Loader

    Comma-separated values ("CSV") is a text format for data. A CSV file typically stores data elements separated by a comma. The CSV file format is defined by RFC 4180.

  • Data Loader are Dutch online software services for a large number of data-related tasks such as credit checks and accessing public registers such as Ultimate Beneficiary Owner ("UBO").

    The Data Loader contains 295 tables.

  • Discourse Data Loader

    Discourse is a cloud forum and mailing list management software application. Discourse can be used to increase community co-operation. The source is available as open source. Discourse runs for over 1,500 companies.

    Tables available with the Discourse Data Loader.

  • DocumentCloud Data Loader

    DocumentCloud is an online archive of documents collected mostly by journalists.

    The DocumentCloud Data Loader contains 6 tables.

  • Dropbox Data Loader

    Dropbox is an online file storage service with integrated collaboration features. It integrates into many platforms such as Windows and MacOS.

    Tables available with the Dropbox Data Loader.

  • Exact Online Data Loader

    Exact Online is cloud software for accounting and ERP. In the Netherlands, Exact Online also includes online payrolling software. It is used for approximately 400.000 companies.

    The Exact Online Data Loader contains 1.124 tables.

  • Facebook Data Loader

    Facebook is an online social network consisting of social activity by users as well as advertorials by campaigners.

    Tables available with the Facebook Data Loader.

  • Freshdesk Data Loader

    Freshdesk is a cloud solution for customer management. Freshdesk includes CRM as well as tickets. Existing functionality of Freshdesk can be extended by custom fields.

    Tables available with the Freshdesk Data Loader.

  • GitLab Data Loader

    GitLab is online software management software. GitLab includes GIT for version management, issue tracking and automated builds.

  • HTML Data Loader

    HTML is a file format for information intended for human consumption. It includes text elements as well as graphical elements.

  • IBM DB2 UDB Data Loader

    IBM DB2/UDB is a traditional database platform accessible through an ANSI SQL dialect.

  • JIRA Data Loader

    JIRA is cloud software for managing business processes and sharing knowledge. JIRA Cloud offers tickets and customized workflows. JIRA Service Desk extends those by integration of external parties in business processes, such as service desk customers. Confluence is online collaboration software for sharing knowledge.

    Tables available with the JIRA Data Loader.

  • JSON Data Loader

    JSON is a file format based upon JavaScript. A JSON file consists of a key names and their values. Lists of keys can be combined in groups using arrays.

  • Kadaster Data Loader

    The Dutch Kadaster is a public register of spatial data of the Netherlands. It bundles land, housing and infrastructure data in structured and graphical formats.

    The Kadaster Data Loader contains 4 tables.

  • Knack Data Loader

    Knack is software to create online databases without coding.

    Tables available with the Knack Data Loader.

  • Logius COR Data Loader

    Logius COR provides all issued Organisation Identification Numbers (OIN). Governmental and general interest organizations that exchange digital information using Digikoppeling Standaard can be assigned an OIN.

    Tables available with the Logius COR Data Loader.

  • Data Loader is online payroll software. Payrolling and HR are offered according to Dutch legislation. is used both by accounting firms as well as entrepreneurs.

    The Data Loader contains 609 tables.

  • Mendix Data Loader

    Mendix is a software platform for cloud applications. Based upon business logic, Mendix enables cost-effective deployment of business functionality on the web.

  • Microsoft Excel Data Loader

    Microsoft Excel is an Office application which supports the XLSX file format for spreadsheets.

  • MySQL Data Loader

    MySQL is a traditional database platform which supports ANSI SQL. MySQL is often used for small web applications.

    Tables available with the MySQL Data Loader.

  • NDJSON Data Loader

    NDJSON is a file format based upon JavaScript. A NDJSON file consists of one record in JSON-format per line. No array grouping or record separator is used.

  • NMBRS Data Loader

    NMBRS is payroll software in the cloud. Nmbrs provides both payrolling as well as HR functionality. Payrolling for both the Dutch as well as Swedish legislation are available. NMBRS is used by entrepreneurs and accounting firms.

    Tables available with the NMBRS Data Loader.

  • OData Data Loader

    OData is both a data format and language to specify actions. OData is used by many cloud platforms to open up their data managed to the customers.

  • OpenArch Data Loader

    OpenArch is cloud software for research. OpenArch combines numerous genealogical sources in the Netherlands. The data is typically cleaned from the original sources.

    The OpenArch Data Loader contains 12 tables.

  • OpenSpending Data Loader

    OpenSpending is an online web service on the budget and spending of governments in the Netherlands. It includes data from various sources, including IV3 of CBS.

    The OpenSpending Data Loader contains 8 tables.

  • Oracle Data Loader

    Oracle is a traditional database platform. Oracle supports ANSI SQL plus many extensions. Oracle is typically used for large business-critical applications.

    Tables available with the Oracle Data Loader.

  • PayPal Data Loader

    PayPal is an online payment provider. PayPal ensures that the monetary transfer for a service is handled correctly globally.

    Tables available with the PayPal Data Loader.

  • PostgreSQL Data Loader

    PostgreSQL is a database platform. PostgreSQL is based upon open source and runs ANSI SQL statements.

    Tables available with the PostgreSQL Data Loader.

  • RDW Data Loader

    RDW is the Dutch register for vehicles. The RDW data is available online, even up to specific license plates registered in the Netherlands.

    The RDW Data Loader contains 56 tables.

  • Robaws Data Loader

    Robaws is cloud software. Robaws helps construction companies manage their business.

    The Robaws Data Loader contains 209 tables.

  • Roller Data Loader

    Roller is online software for leisure and retail management. Roller is available globally.

    The Roller Data Loader contains 41 tables.

  • RSS Data Loader

    RSS is a file format to communicate news messages and other streaming data.

    Tables available with the RSS Data Loader.

  • Salesforce Data Loader

    Salesforce is an online ecosystem. Salesforce originated as a CRM solution, but was extended to cover many more types of online applications by Salesforce partners.

    Tables available with the Salesforce Data Loader.

  • Simplicate Data Loader

    Simplicate is cloud software for project management, project control and billing. The online Simplicate business software manages sales, CRM, hours, projects and invoices. Simplicate is typically used by entrepreneurs in the Netherlands in their service business processes, involving large numbers of projects.

    The Simplicate Data Loader contains 248 tables.

  • Slack Data Loader

    Slack is online collaboration software. Slack offers channels in which users can exchange messages.

  • Snelstart Data Loader

    Snelstart is online accounting software. Snelstart is typically used by both entrepreneurs as well as accounting firms in the Netherlands.

  • SQL Server Data Loader

    Microsoft SQL Server is a traditional database platform. SQL Server supports ANSI SQL. It is available both as a cloud database on Microsoft Azure as a traditional database running on-premise or hosted.

    Tables available with the SQL Server Data Loader.

  • StackOverflow Data Loader

    StackExchange is online collaboration software. Most popular variant is StackOverflow which is used by millions of software developers globally.

    Tables available with the StackOverflow Data Loader.

  • Teamleader Focus Data Loader

    Teamleader is a cloud solution for customer management. Teamleader includes CRM as well as project and tickets. Teamleader can be extended by defining custom fields on several core concepts.

    The Teamleader Focus Data Loader contains 243 tables.

  • Teradata Data Loader

    Teradata is a traditional database platform. Teradata targets large volumes of data, using a massive parallel architecture.

  • Tweede Kamer (NL) Data Loader

    Tweede Kamer (the Netherlands) provides Public Data from the Tweede Kamer of the Netherlands, such as members and bills that might evolve to law. The Tweede Kamer is the House of Representatives of the bicameral parliament of the Netherlands. It has 150 members.

    Tables available with the Tweede Kamer (NL) Data Loader.

  • Twinfield Data Loader

    Twinfield is an online accounting package used in the Netherlands and Belgium. Accounting professionals form a large part of the Twinfield user community.

    The Twinfield Data Loader contains 128 tables.

  • Twitter Data Loader

    Twitter is an online social network in which short messages are exchanged by the global user community.

  • VirusTotal Data Loader

    VirusTotal is a web site of Google for analysis and queries on malware infections on files.

    The VirusTotal Data Loader contains 6 tables.

  • Visma Severa Data Loader

    Visma Severa is cloud-based project management software. Visma Severa is available in the Nordics and the Netherlands.

    The Visma Severa Data Loader contains 263 tables.

  • Financials Data Loader is online software for accounting. is used both by large accounting firms as well as large entrepreneurs.

    Tables available with the Financials Data Loader.

  • Wikipedia Data Loader

    Wikipedia is online software for encyclopedical knowledge. Wikipedia handles both the collection, sharing and maintenance of large volumes of encyclopedical knowledge across a wide range of languages.

    Tables available with the Wikipedia Data Loader.

  • XML Data Loader

    XML is a file format for structured storage of data. XML resembles HTML, but the contents are more strictly matched against the metadata.

  • XML Audit File Afrekensystemen Data Loader

    XAA ("XML Auditfile Afrekensystemen") is a file format for Dutch cash registers. It is generated by some cash registers for communication with accounting software and/or the tax office.

    Tables available with the XML Audit File Afrekensystemen Data Loader.

  • XML Audit File Financieel Data Loader

    XAF ("XML Auditfile Financieel") is a file format for Dutch accounting information. It is typically generated by accounting software for communication with other parties and/or the tax office.

    The XML Audit File Financieel Data Loader contains 48 tables.

  • XML Audit File Salaris Data Loader

    XAS ("XML Auditfile Salaris") is a file format for Dutch payrolling information. It is typically generated by payrolling software for communication with other software and/or the tax office.

    The XML Audit File Salaris Data Loader contains 36 tables.

  • YouTrack Data Loader

    YouTrack by JetBrains provides bug tracking, issue tracking system and project management.

    The YouTrack Data Loader contains 379 tables.

  • Yuki Data Loader

    Yuki is online accounting software from Visma. Yuki specializes in automated processing of documents in the Netherlands.

    Tables available with the Yuki Data Loader.

  • Zoom Data Loader

    Zoom is video, phone and web conferencing software.

    The Zoom Data Loader contains 194 tables.