Access IBM DB2 UDB from Microsoft .NET apps

The easiest way to exchange live data between all IBM DB2 UDB tables and .NET code. Invantive's Bridge ADO.NET component provides real-time connectivity to IBM DB2 UDB and over 75 other data sources directly from .NET applications.

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Exchange Data

Exchange business data in an automated and reliable way within and across applications for optimal data integration

IBM DB2/UDB is a traditional database platform accessible through an ANSI SQL dialect.

Integrate your Microsoft .NET applications with IBM DB2 UDB

  • Execute Invantive SQL queries and statements, or use pre-defined methods from .NET code for direct IBM DB2 UDB access.
  • Run IBM DB2 UDB programs across Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Access to all IBM DB2 UDB tables.
  • High performance by parallel data streaming and integrated incremental and synchronization IBM DB2 UDB loading strategies.
  • Guaranteed lowest prices.
  • Available for Microsoft .NET framework and Microsoft .NET core.
  • Flexible OEM-contract reduces product shipping time with {0} functionality to external users.

The IBM DB2 UDB driver for Bridge for Developers has advanced optimizations for great real-time IBM DB2 UDB data performance.

  • Office for Entrepreneurs

    59 /mo
    • Fixed low rate for up to 100 companies, each on any (cloud)platform from 75 available.
    • You pay as low as € 0.59 per company and platform. Also therefore: Guaranteed Lowest Prices!
    • Includes IBM DB2 UDB connector for Power BI, Power Query and Azure Data Factory.
    • Includes Invantive Cloud for Power BI, Power Query, Tableau and Azure Data Factory.
    • Includes also Excel and Word add-in.
    • Includes also Get My Report.
    • No Power BI, Power Query, Tableau and Azure Data Factory user limit.
    • At most 2 interactive users on Invantive's interactive products.
    • Upgrade to 10 users on Invantive interactive products: € 119.
    • No use? No invoice.
    • Terminable at any time.
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