invantive cloud

Get insight across 60+ platforms!

Invantive Cloud is an online and real-time solution to optimize your business processes. Not only within a company or application, but also across common boundaries such as across cloud applications and companies within your enterprise.

Compose Reports

Compose reports and analyses across over 60 platforms using for instance Power BI or Excel

Exchange Data

Exchange business data in an automated and reliable way within and across applications

Web Apps

Deploy interactive web applications


Work together with Invantive through the central portal

Unique Features for use with Power BI

  • No additional driver needed to retrieve data into Power BI.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Combine dozens of cloud platforms and practically all tables.
  • One or many companies in one go.
  • Compatible with both web and desktop edition of Power BI.
  • Compatible with Power Query for Excel.
  • High throughput on high volumes.
  • Guaranteed lowest prices.
  • Personal support.

Insight by Combining Data

You can request, store, combine and exchange business data. The integrated SQL engine opens over 60 cloud and on-premise platforms for valuable insights using for instance Power BI or Excel. Graphs, hard numbers and KPIs with hard details support your business without installing any add-on locally.

Also for Complex Processes

Advanced automated and technical solutions such as EDI are made possible in your programming language of choice by the availability of all those platforms using the OData protocol. It doesn’t matter which protocol your cloud application uses: Invantive Cloud takes care of conversions along the way, reducing your investments in handling the multitude of protocols. Additionally, all on-premise Intvantive products come bundled with a connector for Invantive Cloud.


Invantive Cloud is available as a separate subscription and as part of other subscriptions:

  • Free Plan: completely free of charge when at most 5 Exact Online companies are available, a total yearly revenue of at most EUR 1 M and with a daily maximum download of 100.000 rows.
  • Basic Plan: EUR 15 for 100.000 daily downloaded rows when at most 5 Exact Online companies are used with a total yearly revenue of at most EUR 3 M.

Invantive Cloud is also bundled with many other subscriptions, such as:

  • Invantive Office for Entrepreneurs: with prices starting at EUR 49 for 100 partitions, such as for example 25 Twinfield companies, 1 company and 74 Exact Online companies.
  • Invantive Office for Accountants: for small accounting firms, bundles of 50 partitions are available for EUR 49.
  • Invantive Premium Finance: for large accounting firms starting at EUR 499 for 500 partitions.

All Invantive subscriptions include access by phone, mail and online to our support team. "Guaranteed lowest prices" subscriptions mimick the support approach offered by the alternative product.

Specific conditions, acceptance criteria and fair use rules apply. Service only available in selected countries, including all EU members, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Vietnam and Taiwan.

"Guaranteed Lowest Prices": 25% Discount on all Competition

Invantive offers guaranteed lowest prices for all downloads into Microsoft Power BI and Excel's Power Query. A similar or better Invantive alternative offering is available with a discount of 25% over the price of every competing product.

The qualifying terms are:

  • Dutch market: the competing product is publicly available as an isolated and supported product for Dutch businesses with an installed base of at least 25 businesses.
  • Subset: the competing product must provide a subset of the Invantive Cloud functionality; we can not ship more than we offer.
  • Matching platforms: the cloud and data platforms covered by the competing product are matched by our alternative.
  • Matching tables: the tables/APIs covered are matched by our alternative.
  • Matching performance: the throughput is matched by our alternative.
  • Matching service: the support channels are matched by our alternative.
  • Matching release cycle: the release cycle frequency is matched by our alternative.
  • Matching eco-system contribution: the contribution to eco-systems and app stores is matched by our alternative.
  • All other functionality, performance, service features and other aspects included with Invantive Cloud are made unavailable.
  • Future matching: all changes in price and functionality on the competing product will be matched when notified upon by a user from that moment on.
  • Long-lasting: the Guaranteed Lowest Prices are evaluated every year. We will notify you at least 12 months in advance when and if the guaranteed lowest prices program is planned to end.
  • Evidence-based: proof of all aspects to be matched is available from the competing supplier and/or purchaser.