Better financial reporting with the NMBRS Power Query connector

Invantive Cloud is the fastest way to analyze sales, finance and customer data in NMBRS and over 75 other platforms using Power Query with Excel.

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Nmbrs is payroll software in the cloud. Nmbrs provides both payrolling as well as HR functionality. Payrolling for both the Dutch as well as Swedish legislation are available. Nmbrs is used by entrepreneurs and accounting firms.

Improve your business using the NMBRS Power Query Connector

  • Completely online database with 173 tables requiring no additional software to analyze your source data.
  • Live data from NMBRS in Power Query within 5 minutes. Just execute the steps in the video. No training, technical skills or NMBRS API knowledge needed.
  • Combine data from dozens of cloud data sources and choose from the industry-largest number of connected tables.
  • Analyze one or hundreds of companies in one run, suitable for entrepeneurs and small to large accountancy firms.
  • Also compatible with Power BI and Azure Data Factory.
  • High performance dashboards on high query volumes with customer, sales and finance data from NMBRS.
  • Guaranteed lowest prices.
  • Personal support and extensive community from Dutch market leader.

With the NMBRS connector for Power Query you will by default fetch the data from all connected NMBRS companies in your dashboard. You can limit the number of NMBRS companies that are retrieved in Power Query through the Database settings. For example, you can also limit the connector for Power Query to the data from exactly one NMBRS company. Of course, you can also filter the data by a specific NMBRS company using a filter step in Power Query. The NMBRS connector for Power Query has advanced optimizations for great real-time performance with both a single NMBRS company as well as with hundreds of NMBRS companies.

Insight by Combining NMBRS Data Real Time

You can integrate all data from your enterprise systems in a virtual datawarehouse. The integrated SQL engine makes more than 75 different cloud and on-premises data sources available for valuable insights with, for example, a Microsoft Power BI dashboard or Excel reports. Improve your business management using reliable data visualized in graphs, hard numbers and KPI dashboards with hard details without installing any additional add-on or software locally for your dashboard and reports.

Most comprehensive Power Query Connector for NMBRS

The Invantive Power Query connector for NMBRS is the most comprehensive NMBRS connector available online for Power Query. The data of all NMBRS APIs (an "API" is an interface) is easily available for use in Power BI, Power Query, Azure Data Factory or SQL. In total there are 173 NMBRS tables available directly after registration. You only use the standard Microsoft OData connector included within Power Query. The Microsoft OData connector is available for Power BI Desktop, Power BI web, Power Query and Azure Data Factory. The Power Query connector of Invantive provides automatic and real-time translation between OData and NMBRS thanks to our Invantive UniversalSQL-engine. Numerous optimizations ensure smooth performance of the NMBRS Power Query connector. Thanks to the absence of local drivers you can also use the NMBRS Power Query connector on a Mac.

Flexible Power Query connector from the start, requires no technical knowledge

Enable data integration from NMBRS with ease in Power Query with the more than 75 other platforms that Invantive supports. There are NO additional costs for extra platform-specific Power Query connectors. All Invantive products are flexible and easily grow from start-up to billion dollar company. They are available for on-premise and online use. Only the Invantive real-time connector for Power Query makes all NMBRS APIs available. You do not need any technical knowledge of NMBRS or the NMBRS APIs for the connection; with only knowledge of Power Query you can process the data from NMBRS into KPIs or a report within a few minutes. The NMBRS connector also provides support for MacOS, Windows and Linux clients. Each data source can be used as data integration service, data exchange service, analysis and analytics on top of your marketing, sales and financial data. A data warehouse can be managed using a data source based on the NMBRS connector or any of the other web connectors. Similarly, reports and data sets can be loaded directly. For large scale data warehouse with over 1 terabyte of managed data, you can scale Invantive technology using the enterprise and OEM solution Invantive Data Replicator. With all subscriptions you will receive one hour of free explanation by an experienced trainer based on your data and on your PC. Don't have the time to put together your own KPIs or do you want help in setting up your processes or administrations? The Power Query connector for NMBRS of Invantive is supported by Invantive as well as multiple implementation partners with experience about the connector and business operations. Within an extensive online community you have easy access to the collected knowledge about Power Query and NMBRS.

Grow with the NMBRS Power Query connector

Is your company going to grow seriously? Investments made in reports and Power Query knowledge will be retained. Software from Invantive is used by companies from small to large and the top-30 accountants. The use of Invantive is an investment in the future with which you can play it safe. If you choose an additional software package besides NMBRS, you will find a connector first at Invantive. Most users of Invantive software have multiple companies and multiple ledgers. With entrepreneurs there are a maximum of a few hundred, but our top-30 accountancy customers often manage thousands of companies. The proprietary SQL software in Invantive's Power Query connector is unique because data from the available companies is processed simultaneously in the quickest possible way. This is very easy without extra work per NMBRS company; standard all available NMBRS companies are used. You can restrict the selected companies yourself to a specific financial company in NMBRS or any group of multiple NMBRS companies.

  • Office for Entrepreneurs

    59 /mo
    • Fixed low rate for up to 100 companies, each on any (cloud)platform from 75 available.
    • You pay as low as € 0.59 per company and platform. Also therefore: Guaranteed Lowest Prices!
    • No entrance or setup fees.
    • Effortlessly manages tables with millions of rows per table.
    • Includes NMBRS connector for Power Query.
    • Includes Invantive Cloud for Power BI, Power Query, Tableau y Azure Data Factory.
    • Includes also Excel and Word add-in.
    • Includes also Get My Report.
    • No Power BI, Power Query, Tableau y Azure Data Factory user limit.
    • At most 2 interactive users on Invantive's interactive products.
    • Upgrade to 10 users on Invantive interactive products: € 119.
    • No usage? No invoice.
    • Terminable at any time.
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All Invantive subscriptions include online forum support and interactive contact such as chat and phone. For each company, a free 1-hour introduction is available and recommended for quick results. Specific conditions, acceptance criteria and fair use rules apply. Service only available in selected countries, including all EU members, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Vietnam and Taiwan.