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Invantive Cloud is the fastest way to extract data from Yuki and over 75 other platforms as HTML file.

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Some alternatives for Yuki in combination with Invantive

  • Help choosing an alternative

    Our Yuki connector is running out; Unfortunately everything comes to an end. Minor maintenance will still be carried out, but no major changes or corrections will be included on the Yuki connector.

    We will be happy to assist you choosing an alternative for Yuki or the Yuki connector. Please leave your email address to allow us to get in touch.

  • Minox

    Minox on verkkokirjanpitopaketti, jota yrittäjät ja kirjanpidon ammattilaiset käyttävät Alankomaissa.

    Details on Minox
  • SnelStart

    SnelStart on verkkokirjanpito-ohjelmisto. SnelStartia käyttävät tyypillisesti sekä yrittäjät että tilitoimistot Alankomaissa. SnelStartia käyttää yli 125 000 alankomaalaista yritystä.

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  • Twinfield

    Twinfield on Alankomaissa ja Belgiassa käytössä oleva verkkokirjanpitopaketti. Kirjanpitoalan ammattilaiset muodostavat suuren osan Twinfieldin käyttäjäyhteisöstä.

    Details on Twinfield

Yuki is online accounting software from Visma. Yuki specializes in automated processing of documents in the Netherlands.

HTML is a file format for information intended for human consumption. It includes text elements as well as graphical elements.

Advantages of exchanging data with Invantive Cloud

  • Download data straight from Yuki as HTML file.
  • No local software needed.
  • Combine data from dozens of cloud data sources and choose from the industry-largest number of connected tables.
  • Download one or hundreds of companies in one go, making it suitable for entrepreneurs as well as small and large accounting firms.
  • High performance dashboards on high query volumes with customer, sales and finance data from Yuki.
  • Guaranteed lowest prices.
  • Personal support and extensive community from Dutch market leader.

The Yuki driver for Power BI has advanced optimizations for great real-time data performance with both a single Yuki company as well as with hundreds of Yuki companies.

Insight by Combining Yuki Data Real Time

You can integrate all data from your enterprise systems in a virtual datawarehouse. The integrated SQL engine makes more than 75 different cloud and on-premises data sources available for valuable insights with, for example, a Microsoft Power BI dashboard or Excel reports. Improve your business management using reliable data visualized in graphs, hard numbers and KPI dashboards with hard details without installing any additional add-on or software locally for your dashboard and reports.

Also for Complex Processes

Advanced automated and technical solutions such as EDI are made possible in your programming language of choice by the availability of all those platforms using the OData protocol. It doesn’t matter which protocol your cloud application uses: Invantive Cloud takes care of conversions along the way, reducing your investments in handling the multitude of protocols. Additionally, all on-premise Intvantive products come bundled with a connector for Invantive Cloud.

  • Office for Entrepreneurs

    59 /mo
    • Fixed low rate for up to 100 companies, each on any (cloud)platform from 75 available.
    • You pay as low as € 0.59 per company and platform. Also therefore: Guaranteed Lowest Prices!
    • No entrance or setup fees.
    • Effortlessly manages tables with millions of rows per table.
    • Includes Yuki connector for Power BI, Power Query and Azure Data Factory.
    • Includes Invantive Cloud for Power BI, Power Query, Tableau ja Azure Data Factory.
    • Includes also Excel and Word add-in.
    • Includes also Get My Report.
    • No Power BI, Power Query, Tableau ja Azure Data Factory user limit.
    • At most 2 interactive users on Invantive's interactive products.
    • Upgrade to 10 users on Invantive interactive products: € 119.
    • No usage? No invoice.
    • Terminable at any time.
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All Invantive subscriptions include online forum support and interactive contact such as chat and phone. For each company, a free 1-hour introduction is available and recommended for quick results. Specific conditions, acceptance criteria and fair use rules apply. Service only available in selected countries, including all EU members, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Vietnam and Taiwan.