Preauthenticate Application

You can preauthenticate an application using the Code Grant Flow from OAuth2 when running a product such as Invantive Data Replicator or Invantive Data Hub on hardware under control of your company. "Preauthentication" creates application settings (including a refresh token) which enable access to Exact Online using an application without further security credentials exchange. The process can be executed before the actual use of the application. Invantive Preauthentication has no resemblance with Kerberos Preauthentication.

SECURITY WARNING! A two-step authentication to achieve strong authentication is only applied during preauthentication. Apply additional measures such as IP-based access control or hardware-bound encryption of the token when you require continuous strong authentication after preauthentication. This limitation holds for ALL apps based on Exact Online. Please consult your security officer when in doubt.

Please enter the application information you have received from the Invantive consultant, your Invantive dealer or directly from the Exact App Center application registration. For questions, please read up on OAuth security concerns and when necessary contact Invantive Support.

  • The platform you want to preauthenticate for. Invantive SQL supports over 50 platforms, but only some require OAuth2.
  • The Exact Online country. This is typically the ending of the domain name you use to log on to Exact Online.
  • The client ID is a unique identifier of your Exact Online app. It is generated by registering an app in the Exact App Center.
  • The client secret is to be kept confidential. Such as a password for a logon code, the client secret is the confidential part of an app identified by a client ID. It is needed during the OAuth2 Code Grant Flow together with the refresh token to get access.
  • A deviating redirect URI is typically needed. When you app registration lists a redirect URI different from, you must check the box.
  • The redirect URI is the website a browser session is redirected to after the Exact Online authentication process has been completed.
  • Your first and last name.
  • Your job title, such as "engineer" or "CEO".
  • Your business email address.
  • The legal name of your company.